Age-Friendly Design

"Your comprehensive project plan, with each phase defined, made the project run so smoothly! From procuring furnishings, creating floor plans, and overseeing installations, you created a beautiful living space that is also so much safer for them. And they loved working with you!"
Alexis Carter, LMSW, CCM
Aging Life Care Professional, New York, NY

Age-Friendly Design is all about modifying your existing home for safe and functional living over the course of your lifetime.

Sometimes it’s as easy as adding better lighting, decorative grab bars, and more ergonomic furnishings. Other areas in your home may require more extensive modifications, like widening doors, replacing flooring or renovating a bathroom.

Physical barriers are only part of the equation. Creating a safe, supportive home for individuals with memory loss involves a different set of factors, as do visual and hearing impairments.

Following an in-home safety assessment, I provide customized problem solving in the form of a written report. Taking into account your level of functioning, your aesthetic needs and your budget, this report provides a blueprint for adapting your home for safe, less stressful living.

NOTE: Even if you’re hale and hearty, it’s wise to consider adapting your home now for future needs. Knowing you can stay in your home for as long as you wish can offer comfort during difficult times of change. Keep in mind that it’s never easy to take on a remodeling project during a crisis! And when you increase your home’s accessibility, you’ll also be able to accommodate your family and friends’ changing needs over time.

Safe, Beautiful Solutions

Accessibility for Walkers & Wheelchairs

  • Graded Entryways
  • 3'-Wide Doors
  • Wheel-Under Sinks
  • Hand Hold/Grab Bars
  • Curbless Showers
  • Height-Adjustable Beds

Furnishings and Lighting

  • Easy-To-Transfer Chairs
  • Ample Lighting
  • Light-Filled Open Spaces