Age-Friendly Home Evaluation Checklist

Indoors, outdoors, all around the home, there are safety and functional issues that need addressing as we become older.

If you answer "NO" to any of these questions, you’re a candidate for Age‑Friendly Design!

Please note: while this list addresses basic safety issues, every situation requires an individual examination for optimal results.


Is the approach to your home easily accessible and well lit?

Are stairs and steps easy to navigate?

Do stairs and porches have adequate handrails and lighting?

Is the doorbell in working order and heard by the occupant?

Do stairs and porch have adequate railings and lighting?


Can the occupant easily move through the home without stepping, bumping or tripping on anything?

Are area rugs taped to the floor or have non-skid pads?

Is the floor non-slippery and in good repair?

Do stairs have adequate handrails and lighting?


Are there adequate lamps and ceiling fixtures?

Are light switches easy to turn on and off?

Are there enough outlets throughout the home?

Are there night lights from bedroom to bath and down hallways?


Can the occupant easily get in and out of the tub or shower?

Are there grab bars in the tub, shower, and toilet areas?

Are there non-skid treads or mats in the tub and/or shower?

Are there absorbent mats with non-skid backing on the floor outside the tub and/or shower?

Is the toilet seat high enough for the occupant?


Are storage and cabinets safely and easily accessible?

Can the sink and appliances be safely and easily used?

Can the occupant easily transfer food from kitchen to table?


Is the telephone easy to use?

Is there a telephone by the occupant’s bedside?

Can the doorbell be heard throughout the home?

Can smoke and CO2 alarms be heard throughout the home?


Is getting in and out of a chair or sofa easy for the occupant?

Is getting in and out of the bed easy for the occupant?

Are mattresses and chairs comfortable for the occupant?