Home Safety Assessment

"I’m so happy to hear how well the home assessment went. And your recommendations sound lovely and functional as well. Jessica really enjoys working with you – I think it’s been good for her. Thank you again!"
Drew Barnes LMSW, CMC
Aging Life Care Professional, New York, New York

My Age-Friendly Design Program starts with an on-site home safety evaluation. Room by room, I’ll focus on fall prevention, general safety, accessibility and functionality. My assessment takes into account the individual’s health concerns, such as Parkinson’s, dementia, hearing and vision impairment.

I’ll also ascertain the aesthetics of the individual so that I can recommend products and furnishings that are beautiful as well as functional. At times, I team up with the person’s physical and/or occupational therapist to get their input.

Based on my findings, I’ll create a comprehensive report, taking into account the individual’s level of functioning as well as their aesthetic needs. You are free to act on any or all of my recommendations. If you want, I can even handle the "heavy lifting", procuring furnishings, creating floor plans and overseeing installation.

Common Safety Concerns

  • Unsafe Entryways & Steps
  • High Doorsills
  • Falls & Bathtubs
  • Deep, Low Seating  
  • Tripping  Hazards
  • Narrow Bathrooms